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About: I´m a Youtube and Twich streamer on Creative #woodworking, I do ugly fulgy stuff from reclaimed wood and other materials.So keep recycling, lets make it fun !!

This is the way i built a Cristhmas Tree for my wife aunt.

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Step 1: Make the Triangles and Cut Them to Size

Make 3 diferent size triangles and cut them the size that you like to make a tree like shape!!!

Step 2: Make a Star for the Top

Draw a star or download a template for it . I asked the wife she makes an awsome stars !!!

Step 3: Space for the Support

Make sure you leave a space on the bottom for the support you dont wanna get lights on the support space.

Step 4: Holes for the Lights

Drill enough holes for the lights that you have.

Make sure you dont do holes where the pieces are going to be Glued .

Step 5: Glue

After the holes are done and counter sunk. Glues the 3 triangles and the Start let it dry overnight.

Step 6: Paint

I painted with a white primary ! after dry painted gold !

Step 7: Base

Make a base for the Tree and with a sligh angle (ex:10º) so the tree leans a bit back

Step 8: Lights

Now put the lights in the holes,

Hot glue any that might come loose !

Test the lights to see if the work before glue them

Step 9: Ornements

Add some hoocks then attatch the ornemnts and you are done

Enjoy And Marry Marry Christmas



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    2 years ago

    notice the plywood tree in the background. Around 3 years ago

    family christmas 2013.jpg
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