MEDIA HUB ( Advanced Audio)

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Hi all...

media hub is an advanced audio device with some smart features.

the system designed as a fully wireless audio device with dual subwoofers of different tuned frequencies under 200Hz. in the 7.2 audio configuration both the subwoofers provide a power output of 200watts each along with 100watts channel output.

This system is inbuilt INTELLIGENT.

The concept leads to made this system is that the INTEGRATION OF MAXIMUM FEATURES AT ZERO USER INTERFERENCE.


1. WiFi/Bluetooth audio pairing
2. gesture control
3. 100% wireless
4. listener position detection and automatic volume leveling
5. automatic equalizers
6. 7.2 channel audio
7. android / windows software interface
8. wireless audio broadcasting
9. codeless mic interface
10. android mic
11. ear protection
12. built in DVD,FM/AM RADIO
13. WIFI, BT,OPTIC, USB ,AUX inputs
14. 3 USB selectivity
15. duplex communication
16. smart rf remote control
17. dual subwoofer
18. ir + rf + gesture+multiplexed single knob cintrols

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Step 1: Cabinet Making

cabinets are made with the help of softwares.

used 0.5 inch wood

Step 2: Circuit Designing and Testing

circuits are designed and simulated with the aid of softwares

Step 3: PCB Fabrication

The core circuit / mother board is not included.

Step 4: RF Remote Control

a waste piece of remote control cabinet is used.
RF remote is designed using these measurements.

Step 5: Back Panel

Step 6: Top Panel

Step 7: Pictures

Step 8: Specifications

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    4 years ago

    ask your queries.. i feel happy when you have some ..


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this looks like a lot of work! But everything turned out looking very nice. Thanks for sharing this!