Introduction: MEETY CUPCAKES

Why does a cupcake have to sweet? IT does not so we did the meety cupcakes very simple and delicious.


flaky layers big biscuits
cream cheese
food color dye
hamburger meat
boilded egg
and cupcakes lilttle papers

in addition for decoration  you could use little carrots, black olives, grated parmessan, mustard.

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Step 1: Let's Cook the Metty Filling

On a pan, put grounded beed fryed it with oil, salt, pepper and seasoning. When it almost ready add a onion cut in little squares let it fry. At the end add a boiled egg cutted in little pieces.

Step 2: The Dough

Oppened the  buiscuit tube when you are done with the fillin so it would not be dry.
When u oppeneded just grab a pinch and make a little ball. Flat the ball on your hand and add the filling just a little, make sure you can put the fiiling on the middle and have enough dough to close it. and put in the oven cupcake pan.
Put it on the oven with the bicuits tube directions

Step 3: Almost Ready!

They will be ready within 20 min but make sure they are cook inside.
The fun part is about to to put a begin.
Just to do a little prep work some drop of frood dolorant to the cheese and make it any color you want.

Step 4: Decorations

This part is up to you, use brilliant colors veggies and dye the cheese any color you want, for example grate the carrots or cut them on long  pieces. The same with the balck olives, now the mustard is optional but it gives a really good flavor.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    1 - this recipe looks like so much fun! I have a friend whose birthday is right around the corner and she HATES desserts. I think this would be a great savory "cupcake" to serve.

    and 2 - RE: AMAZONIAbydjljwilliams:

    My friends in the UK usually say that American biscuits are usually referred to as rolls and are sort of similar to scones.

    Not sure about in Australia... but in the US, you can buy ready to bake biscuit dough which is what is featured in this recipe (which I cannot wait to try!). But I'm sure if you were feeling ambitious, you could use homemade dough. American biscuits are usually made of flour, butter or shortening, milk or butttermilk, baking powder, a little bit of salt, and sometimes a little white sugar.

    If you want to find a more exact recipe, I'd recommend googling "American biscuit recipe" or "American cut biscuit recipe" (because some biscuits are rolled then cut into circles/squares and others are drop biscuits meaning the dough is simply dropped directly onto the baking sheet).

    Good luck!

    Very clever idea! My nieces a nephews would love this!
    I'm in Australia, and I have NO idea what a flaky biscuit tube is.
    What sort of pastry would you recommend as an alternative.
    the dough doesn't look like puff pastry when cooked in your photos, (more bread like) so I'm guessing that wouldn't work well. Would totally wreck the cupcake wrappers if nothing else!