Introduction: MEMOBO

Children often don't want to do their homework and when they do, they intend to forget some things.

And what about their to-do list? All of it can be implemented in MEMOBO, a social robot platform from OPSORO.

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Step 1: FORM

Esthetically, the robot needs to show authority to the children. The problem with that is the fact that they would not want the robot if he looks bossy. Therefore, I implemented features of some well known robots which they will recognize like Optimus Prime (Transformers), Iron Man and Robocop.

Step 2: Making of the Casing

To make the casing, a mold will be needed to thermoform the hard shell of the robot.

Some details are implemented in the mold, but most work is done afterwards.

Let the shell cool for a little of time and then cut out the required pieces (eyes, soundgrid, plexi).

Step 3: Grid

Once the basic shell is made, the grid can be made to fit perfectly in the shell. To fulfill all the functions, enough space is created on the base grid. Add modules to the robot afterwards, is perfectly possible.

The basic MEMOBO modules are:

- 2x OPSORO Led matrix

- 1x OPSORO Heart module

- 1x OPSORO Sound module

- 1x base grid

- 2x foot

- 1x support for plexi

- 2x brackets to hold the cover

Step 4: Combine Everything

Once everything is put together, you can enjoy your new MEMOBO! Place it on your desk en connect it with smartschool or use his plexi mouth with LED as a memobord.


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    2 years ago

    The first thing the case made me think of was Alphonse from FMA :)