Introduction: METER STAND

About: retired from electronics and now enjoy inspiring others. meter fell over AGAIN.

I worked in a shop with six other people.
And every day this happened even though
some meters have a junky wire stand to
keep the meter upright. But try to change
scales or pull too hard on the leads
and THUMP. So for thirty years I was
going to make a proper stand...tomorrow.

Step 1: FIND the BEST FIT

Now I am retired and have some extra
time to make a meter stand. So I rolled
out my table saw. Found some scraps of
wood. You know the pieces leftover from
that last project and all were cut too
short...again. The strangest thing happened...
as I was clearing off the table saw and
moving all the clutter off. There was this
empty plastic container. And as I picked it
up I wondered if my meter would fit inside
of it.

Step 2: CUT...FILL..FEET....easy

So here is the easy meter stand!
Just cut a 45 to 50 degree. Fill with
something heavy like plaster. Add rubber
or silicon feet.
I can change scales without chassing
the meter around the bench. The display is
always in sight. And the container holds
clips, needles, extra leads, etc.

Now I just need to find a project for all
that leftover wood...maybe a few
hunderd bird houses, And an extra bedroom,
And a second house..........and

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    4 years ago

    How about pouring in some setting liquid/paste?

    Lowers the centre of gravity and makes it more resistant to getting tipped over.

    Car body filler ? Add a layer of clingfilm around the meter and place it in the setting liquid. This depression forms a retaining surface and yet lets the meter reach the bottom of the container.

    You could add in some big chunks of scrap metal to save filler volume.


    4 years ago

    I love it! So simple and useful and out of materials we have around already (I already have a bunch of orange juice containers cut in half for use as storage bins). What I also like is that you can still use it as a storage bin and a meter stand at the same time (though with reduced capacity for storage).


    4 years ago

    nice, I made mine from wood scraps as well. I've even upgrade it to use velcro dots as someone else suggested.


    4 years ago

    I love it when someone puts up something really practical for everyone :)))


    4 years ago

    I like this, I made one from wood scraps and they are very handy to have, nice work! ☺