MEtal Wire Keychain




Metal Wire Keychain

Keychain made form metal wire, then coated with color

(the picture is a chinese character for my chinese name)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, while I must say that the wire piece is stunning and appears well crafted; I've also got to say that this is in no way an "instructable", (since no *instructions* are provided).  I'd say that's kinda crucial to posting on this site, (unless I'm in the wrong section or something).

    So please... (& I don't mean to be a big ol' jerk) let us in on the steps you've taken and how this was achieved, so we can give it a shot. I'd hazard a guess and say that's pretty much why people come here.

    I truly appreciate the pics and the inspiration they inspired, but for god-sakes, this is not a gallery site to showcase your art. So, if you're _able_, then by all means please, _instruct_ in your posted instructable.  Again, not to be a tool.... but 'cmon!

    Thanks for sharing what you did none the less.