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This is my Masterdude Hand Cannon model 1 (MHC-1). It is a gun which works on a trigger system derived from my semi-auto series. It shoots rather large projectiles at a good range and strength, while having a short barrel making it easy to carry. This is due to the wheels in front which let you pull the rubberband back in the other direction, and effectively cuts down the barrel length.

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  • Semi-auto
  • Strong
  • True trigger & trigger guard
  • Large ammo (image 4)
  • Compact (-ish for a cannon like gun)
  • Magazine
  • Safety
  • Side grip
  • Low mag size (4)
  • Longer reload

Images 1-2: Side views
Image 3: FPS view
Image 4: Ammo


Step 1: Components

Make the following:

Image 1: Make 2.(Part A)
Image 2: Make 2.(Part B)
Image 3: Make 2.(Part C)
Image 4: Make 3.(Part D)
Image 5: Make 3.(Part E)
Image 6: Make 3.(Part F)
Image 7: Make 1.(Part G)
Image 8: Make 1.(Part H)
Image 9: Make 1.(Ammo Pusher)

Step 2: Construction

Follow the instructions:

Image 1: Add blue, yellow, red rods, and blue spacers to Parts A & B.
Image 2: Add Parts C, D, E, & F, and white rods, and red and gray connectors.
Image 3: Add Parts D, E, F, G, & H, and a red and gray connector.
Image 4: Add Parts C, D, E, & F, and red and gray connectors, and a blue spacer.
Image 5: Add Part A and blue spacers.
Image 6: Add Part B, a wheel (no tire), small gear, tan clip, red connector with white rod, and white connector.
Image 7: Add gray connectors, and red connector with white rod.
Image 8: Alternate adding white and gray connectors to form a side grip as shown.
Image 9: Add small gear, wheel (no tire), gray connectors, and metallic blue clip.
Image 10: Add gray connector.

Step 3: Operation

First hook the rubberbands on the rubberband hook under the barrel, pass them over the wheel, through the ammo feed, and on the trigger spoke (image 2). Then insert the ammo (image 1), followed by the ammo pusher which you made earlier in the mag. Then attach the rubberband to the ammo pusher as in (image 2). lift trigger up to engage the trigger, and pull trigger to fire.

Warning- This may cause harm or injury if misused. Do not point it at people. I am not responsible for damage, injury, or death caused by this instructable. Even with safety engaged it can fire. Always treated it as armed.



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    14 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. It's good to know that there are people who like my trigger. Many are tired and angry at me for making many guns using a similar trigger mech.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    NICE! I like how most of your guns are, but I know I ask this every time, but does it have as strong a trigger as any of the previous guns? I would like to build this.

    4 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. The trigger is basically the same as the trigger as on my previous guns. Basically the only change is making less spokes on the rubber band hook thing on the trigger to decrease the chances of the rubberband not firing.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I made it. I was very Impressed on how strong the trigger was, and how reliable it was, but was dissapointed by the power :/


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ummm, about 20, 25 feet. And that's angled. The ammunition is just too heavy for a gun like this :/


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does anyone have range stats? The ammo seems really big to go far at all...