Introduction: MICROWAVE JAM

This is an easy way to do jam. It is a nice method as you don't need to steer it continuously, and you have way less chances to burn it. Useful when you are in the house doing other things, but you don't have time to steer your jam for hours.

It is a really nice way to make berries jam as it leave the color of the fruit way brighter and more natural than a classic stove top jam, where the color always come out a little brown. For example I did a strawberry jam and a raspberry jam and they come out really delicious and beautiful.

It is also nice if you like a chunky jam, as you don't need to steer it continuously destroying all the pieces.

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Step 1: CUT

Cut the fruit in small pieces, and place it in a deep bowl.

The bowl need to be deep, so while the fruit is cooking and boiling, it wont go out of it.


Cover in sugar, small chunks of lemon peels and lemon. Thank steer well.

Step 3: SIT

Cover again the top with a tin layer of sugar, cover the bowl with a towel and allow to sit for couples of hours, over a night is fine too, until the fruit get all soft and juicy.

This way you will obtain a nice jelly jam, instead of just a boiled fruit effect. (I like to do this even when I make regular stove jam).

Step 4: COOK

Cook in the microwave at full hit for 10 minutes (15 if you have a lot of fruit, not more, or less if you only have a small amount). Stir gently if you like your jam to be chunky, or mix in the blender if you like a fine jam.

The first couple of time you use this method I suggest to keep an eye on it while is cooking, as the hot jam may exit from the bowl if you have to much fruit in it, or your bowl is not deep enough. Ones you get more familiar, it generally doesn't happen.

Cover with a towel and allow to cool down completely. Sometimes I just let it the all night.

Step 5: AGAIN

Repeat this operation ones or twice, until the jam get the right consistency.

You will get more familiar with it ones you tried it couple of time.

Sometimes, when I'm just at home for a little while a day, I do my jam in two or three days, letting it sit for long time in between each cooking.

It come out really good this way.

Step 6: CAN IT

Can it while hot, and sterilize it.

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