MIG Welding at TechShop

First step is to get a membership at TechShop!  They have great classes and great tools!  This was my fourth class, where we learned about using the MIG Welder!

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Step 1: MIG Welder: Controls and Considerations

In addition to the course materials received for the class, I though I would document the class with photos so that you will know what to expect.  Our instructor covered shop safety, machine controls, and support equipment.  Check out the pictures, and click on the boxed areas in the pictures to see key bits of information about what was covered.

Step 2: Welding: Demonstration and Examples

One we understood the controls and setup, our instructor demonstrated the technique, gave us exampls of good and bad welds, and then had us try our hand.  Fun stuff.

Step 3: Welding: Hands on and Practice

After the demonstration and examples, our instructor had us each take turns trying our hand at welding.  Check out the pictures for some notes!

Step 4: Welding: Wrap Up

Once we had all tried it out, we helped the instructor clean up.  At Techshop, it's a community workspace, so always be considerate.  

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty neat, MIG is probably the easiest to learn but also the easiest to be really bad when it looks fine. Wishing there was a Tech Shop in Orlando