MINECRAFT: Tips & Tricks

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In this instructable, I will list many tips and tricks. if you have any questions please post or email domonic923@outlook.com.

Step 1: Fighting Against Mobs

one of the best ways to collect supplies is by killing and harvesting mobs. the first mob you will want to search for is a couple of sheep, which you will use to make a bed. once you get wood, you will have to create a sword for destroying zombies, skeletons, slimes and one of the most destructive mobs in Minecraft, the Creeper. in order to take out the creeper, you will have to run at him and hit him with your sword, this will knock him back and sometimes deal more damage than usual. this can be repeated to destroy the creeper or just to give you time to run away. with skeletons, you will want to do the opposite. keep close to the skeleton so you can attack it faster without it having time to reload and shoot.

Step 2: Taming Wolves

how you tame a wolf is by getting about 4 or 5 bones and holding the right button until hearts appear above the wolf. you can change the color of the collar by right clicking the wolf with colored dye. you can easily add a name tag on the wolf if you want. in order to restore health to the wolf, right click on it with some meat or rotten flesh.

Step 3: Foxes

in the new update of Minecraft, they added foxes as a new mob. sometimes a fox will have a object in their mouth, you can easily collect the object by sneaking up to the fox and dropping a piece of meat near it. the object will be replaced by the meat so you can collect the object. sometimes the object will be a tool, food, feathers, and rarely, emeralds

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