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Introduction: MINECRAFT: the Last Jedi - Resistance Bomber

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Happy New Year to you all, i wish you all a fabulous 2018.

2017 ended rather dramatically, with the clusterbomb that was Star Wars Episode 8, The Last Jedi. my oh my, what a movie!

I loved it so much, and i found all the new ship designs totally awesome, that i just had to put one to the block, so here is my step-by-step build of the MG-100 Starfortress, AKA the Resistance Bomber.

Before i start the slideshow however, i will have to make a little announcement...

This isn't a totally 100% accurate adaptation of the bomber; i had too little to work on as far as schematics and interior layouts were concerned, so i went a bit OTT with infusing this build with quite a bit of originality, which surely isn't an awful thing right?

Also, some of the more eagle-eyed readers will notice that there will be a fair few differences in the screenshots, and that is because my 1st build got deleted :( :( :( the entirety of the cockpit, interior and, well an awful lot, had to be rebuild without any reference images, so i made do and just went with it.

Anyway, lets get cracking! and of course, may the force be with you!

Step 1: Shopping Basket...

Ingredient list:



SEA LANTERNS (gotta love them lanterns!)


RED SAND (will explain later, but not recommended!)











TNT (yikes!)


..And all of your random assortments of interior decorum;

Step 2: Footnote.

Because this project required around 110 screenshots, and in the past, I have realised that my step-by-step notes were not well laid out and established as well as they could, so, to save time for both myself and for the reader, I have opted for a bullet point system, which can be picked out and interpreted by will, I will try to write them in chronological order!

Step 3: Bombs Away!

~ Initial foundations were started in the bomb compartment, building from the ground up quite literally.

~ I had used Red Sand to make the squadron colours; that was a terrible mistake! yes the colour was decent enough, but sand collapses too easily and cannot support itself, compromise for clay, wool or concrete in the future.

~ I adapted the compartment interior to be a carrier rather than the one shown in The Last Jedi; the bombs (TNT) are now lined up in rows, ready for the bombardier to load them manually into the dispensers which are aimed beneath the bay, speaking of which...

~ Experimenting with the best method to drop bombs in the same, if not, similar fashion to how they were dropped onto the First Order Dreadnought. Droppers didnt work, pistons got stuck etc. in the end, a neat row of dispensers did the trick, which enabled me to enact the drop safely without blowing the whole thing to kingdom come.

~ Redstone connected the dispensers to the lever at the end, by the ventral gunner port.

Step 4: Enough Room to Swing a Cat!

~ Just like the bomb bay, the canopy and interior have been adapted to orientate more towards the mincraft universe than trying to merely replicate from the movie.

~ The top deck was split in three; the cockpit, the bomb bay, and the aft airlock and storage tail.

~ Bedrock for the floor and sides were meant to represent the many pipes and gears, whilst the cobblestone and bricks replacing metal panels and other composite materials.

~ Steel doors became airlocks, steel trapdoors became both ceiling graters & escape hatches.

~ using half bricks for the dividers worked, as to make them appear more curved without breaking the illusion with full size bricks.

Step 5: Get Your Head Out of Your Cockpit!

~ The cockpit was the trickiest part of the build for sure, given its unconventional shape. only use full blocks for the main construct, then edge out with brick stairs from the exterior.

~ Another adaptation came in the form of putting the co-pilot seat directly opposite next to the pilots. the 12th image comes from the superlaser firing room on my Star Destroyer for reference.

~ Opt to use more darker tinted windows or the view ports, adds more depth and ironically, more colour to the build.

~ Place furnaces and levers in front of the seats to form the joystick and the instruments. You can see i have placed maps directly where the pilot/co-pilot would see out of; That is to better help them identify targets below. this was created by placing item frames, and inserting already discovered maps inside them.

Step 6: Wingmen & Tailgators

~ This part required the most counting and best sense of rhythm; whatever your preference.

~ The ventral gunners and rear gunners glass containers were made from a combination of darkened panels and blocks, inserting a stair for a chair, dispensers loaded with flame charges, and placed a button/lever as the firing switch.

~ Sometimes, simplicity is the best solution. the wings are just simple stone slabs persay, you can add details and other decor later.

Step 7: Cooking With Fire.

~ This part featured the most deviation from the source material, which occurred purely by accident; and instead of starting again, I merely worked with the mistake! (the engines are much lower than they should be whoops)

~ Using polished andesite for the engines adds depth and separates them from the rest of the build.

~ Good ol' Sea Lanterns make great space engine jet bursts!

Step 8: Finishing Touches.

~ To make a decent enough rebellion starbird insignia, make a red trident, simple.

~ Bombers of old were extremely cramped, so dont skimp on the abundance of boxes and other random decor that would be of use (uniforms, chests, ladders, beds etc)

~ Ventral gunner exactly the same as the last one, except to separate it from the main structure with a layer of bricks, as to give it the appearance of a swivel turret.

~ For the ball turret, best preference is to make an entire dome of glass, but if you desire to enable it to fire, you will need to enclose it in some stone.

Step 9: Voila! We Have the Spark!

~ And hey presto, you have your very own MG-100 Starfortress ready for delivery to the Resistance!

~ Apologies for the unconnected photos between the old and newer model; This is all I had to work with :P

I hope you enjoyed this build, and expect more and more throughout 2018!

And of course, May the Force be with you!

- DwarvenMithril

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