I made this a while ago, using an old car dvd player screen, a plug n play tv game controller & plywood. It's one of a few machines I've made. Maybe i'll upload some more if I get time. Hope you like it.   How did I make it?......................................................................                                                                                                                                              1.I fetched a cardboard box from my recycle bin     2.cut out cardboard pieces     3.drew round monitor & game controller with a pencil    4.experimented with shapes & selotaped together      5.drew round my cardboard shapes on 12mm plywood sheet       6.cut out wood slightly oversize to allow sanding       7.routered out slots for perspex monitor cover (had some difficulty getting the angle right,, experimented with the cardboard first).       8.masking taped rectantangle monitor shape on perspex          9. spray painted around monitor cover (bezel) with black acrylic spray paint (available from car accessory stores)         10.gave it three light coats of paint leaving 20 mins between coats    11.removed masking tape & reversed perspex to reveal a professional looking gloss finish  12. painted plywood with black emulsion paint using a standard mini paint roller       12. assembled with wood screws and black screw covers     13. fitted some chrome sticky back car trim to edges & stickers on.  14. covered top sticker with perspex 15. Hey Presto, play the games !  

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm curious as to how you wired different joysticks and buttons to it


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Game controller and buttons all part of the body bought on internet, however you can build u r own with parts from eg ebay or alibaba