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Ever thought of making a power plant..It is so interesting to make one and also is very productive..You can generate electricity and help it power appliances..You can use the solar and other renewable energy resources such as peltiers..

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Step 1: Generating Electrcity

Electricity can be generated in several ways:

It can be solar as illustrated in image 1.

It can even be generated from a peltier due to temperature difference.

Step 2: Power Supply

Now we are generating electricity and using it for the fridge,But we need an instrument to control all these.I'am talking about mass production when this is brought into real practice.So I'am using a power supply to power the mini controller and the thermostat.

Step 3: Incorporating a Power Supply....

I used these power supplies.

The first one is a variable power supply fit for the peltier. The second one will be used to control the entire system i.e in future if we want to control the previously made power generator and the fridge at the same time we can use the second power supply used to power the mini computer in the next step. I further used the same power supply to support the incubator fan which i will post soon.

Step 4: The Mini Controller..

In case you want to control the previously made power generator and the fridge at the same time you will have to use a mini computer.

I got this from my dad's car.It uses the power supply to convert regular mains to usable one.By programming the computer .You can monitor the electricity. You can also use raspberry pi instead. To control the water supply in the previously built power generator you can use this computer...

Step 5: The Coding..

The python code for the thermostat can be downloaded from:

The python code for the electricity monitor can be downloaded from:

The python code for the stepper motor controller for the water flow can be downloaded from:

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