MIO Moov 200 Speaker Mod

Introduction: MIO Moov 200 Speaker Mod

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My original speaker sounded like it split apart, and was crackling. Sent it in for warranty repair, and 5 weeks later I got it back. 2 mos after that, same thing. I had decided it's not worth the wait, to have them replace it with another POS, for it go bad another 2mos after that, so I took matters in my own hands, warranty be damned. For what I paid for this, (all 150 bucks), I wasn't too worried about doing this, since I had just found an identical one on ebay, for 20 bucks, shipped, so I went for it. Besides, it's only a speaker, it's not like I was trying to use it to run my microwave from my truck

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Step 1: Moving On

The speaker swap was a simple process of desoldering the old speaker, and soldering on the new/donor speaker. The size difference also presented a slight challenge

Step 2: Modifying the Back

In my case, the speaker was a different size, and needed some work, to get it to fit "properly". In my case, I removed the mounting ring, and the inside screw boss, to make room

Step 3: A Bit More to Do

I was able to fit the speaker in the case, after the trimming, but clipping it to the mount made no difference in how it sounded. Upon further inspection, I found the mount was putting pressure on the back, against the center cone of the speaker. Ok, time to cut out the speaker grill

Last two pics are harder to see, but the GPS still fit the mount just fine, and it's more clear, and louder, than the original speaker. So, all in all, I'm happy with it

Next mod might be adding an headphone jack, so I can add a pair of external speakers, then relocating the mini-USB connection

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    I had gotten an email here, asking for an update with my "next mods". Unfortunately, this GPS has given up the ghost, so this is as far as I had gotten with it.