MIT App Inventor 2 Tutorials



Hello Guys,

In this Instructable, I will Share You my Tutorials On MIT app inventor these are Useful to create awesome apps .

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NOTE : These Tutorials are NOT For Beginners.You should Know What is MIT App inventor & How to Use It.

Step 1: Store Data Using Tiny DB in MIT App Inventor

In this video I will teach you How to store some Data like IP addresses Using Tiny DB in MIT App inventor.

It will useful in many projects to store small data. We can also store state of Buttons using Tiny DB.

Watch This Tutorial.

Step 2: How to Hide UI Elements in MIT App Inventor

In this Tutorial,I have Shown How to Hide & show UI (User Interface) elements Like Buttons ,Images & Layouts. Watch This Tutorial.

Step 3: Toggle Button in MIT App Inventor

In this Tutorial ,I have shown How to Make Toggle Buttons In MIT app Inventor 2.

This is requirement of many projects For Example you can use Toggle Button to control An LED there is no need to use Two buttons for ON & OFF you can use Only One Toggle Button.Watch This Tutorial.

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