Hi friends,

This is a token of my projects i just said i should share this one with you. According to the name this is a project from the modification of an mp3 player and a MITONE speaker.

When I bought the MITONE speaker for some time it was working but after some time i got spoilt so I didn`t want to repair it and spend money on it, so i kept it. Now that I just got my mp3 with recorder, USB, and torch functionality ,so i decided to join them both cause i don`t like the mp3 speaker i prefer that of the MITONE speaker to that of the mp3.

So if you want to do yours here are the steps as follows:-

Step 1: Step 1 Getting the Materials.

Mitone speaker or any
speaker box cause it`s only the speakers that are needed.

USB cable.

DC 6v


Line in cable


Step 2: Getting the Drawings.


Step 3: STEP3 :Drilling Holes on the MITONE

Making holes will help you make it easy to screw the mp3
player to the MITONE and also make a hole to pass wires

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