MJP1 Technic Car.

Introduction: MJP1 Technic Car.

This is my first lego car that I have posted and it has been worked on over several days, I tend to do this so I have a clear mind on what to add to my creations so they don't all end up the same.

About the car.

  • This car is a "pull back" car and has been made to look like accros between a formula1 car and a road car.
  • It has my own type of suspension, this has a pivoting front end and controlled by the bendy rods connected to another pivoting point at the rear of the car.
  • This car also features an adjustable spoiler to give the car two different styles.

I hope you like my creation and enjoy building it from these instructions.

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Step 1: Gather All the Parts.

For this car, you will need the parts shown in this picture.

the rods pictured are:

9 2m axles
2 3m axles with stop
7 3m axles
3 4m axles
16m axle
1 7m axle

Step 2: Rear Chassis Assembly.

Here are the pictures to build the rear of the chassis.

Step 3: Front Chassis Assembly.

Here are the pictures for the front of the chassis.


This is my suspension unit that hopefully you will understad how it works once you have built the vehicle.

Step 5: The Spoiler.

This is the building and instalation of the spoiler.

Step 6: Attach the Side Walls.

these are to give the car a sleak look and strengh to the suspension. (put one on each side)

Step 7: The Rear Bumper.

building the rear bumper is simple and so is the instalation, simply build what is shown in the picture and snap the connectors into the holes on the back.

Step 8: The Front Bumper.

The first two pictures are the mounting that go over the front axle and then the rest are building and installing of the front bumper.

Step 9: The Wings.

The wings of a  car are what give the lines and aerodynamics on the sides and partly the underneath, the ones on this car though are just for show. :) Also on this car are mini exhausts going from the front of the car to the back.

Step 10: Now Just Add the Wheels

Add the front wheels on the shaft with spacers on it and the rear wheels are attached using the 6m axle left over through the motor.

Step 11: Thanks!

Thank you for reading and building my creation, I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative,

Thanks again,


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