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Introduction: MK: DIY Aluminum YouTube Play Button #100SUBS

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As a thank you to people who subscribed to my channel on Youtube, I decided to make this reward.

Tools: cnc engraver/router, file, sandpapers, tablesaw, miter saw, band saw.

Materials: aluminum plate, plywod, two nuts and bolts, MDF board, plexiglass, black matte spray paint, some glue that WORKS.

Step 1: Frame

I made the frame from plywood by cutting it to strip roughly 2 inches wide on tablesaw. Then I lowered the blade so it would stick out for about a 3mm and cut two grooves for the plexiglass and the mdf board to slide in. Later I used miter saw to put 45° miter on these pieces. Then I glued them together using construction adhesive, but for some reason, probably because it was too old, it didn´t really work, so I sanded it off and used regular wood glue instead.

For the backer board I used mdf. I cut it to size on miter saw, then I drilled holes to attach the button, later I countersunk the holes using 10mm brill bit for metal running on backwards, so it wouldnt bite.

Lastly I spray painted all the parts matte black.

Step 2: Play Button

For the play button I used aluminium plate. I milled it using cnc router to cut out the triangle. For this I have to thank the company I work in, LT PLUS and my colleague Marek for helping me out with this part. Then I approached the belt saw a.k.a. the best invention ever, and cut out the rough button shape. To achieve the final shape I just filed it with regular metal files. For finnishing I first used P240 , then P800 sandpaper and created fine brushed finnish.

Next I glued two nuts on the back of the button again with construction adhesive and it again failed to work, more about that in "Assembly".

Step 3: Assembly

I screwed the button to the mdf board using flat heads and nuts I glued on previously. Then I slided the board and the plexiglass in and glued the fourth piece of the frame in. Then I tried to hammer in a small picture frame hanger to the back of my frame, but I eneded up with the nuts falling of from the button due to pounding of the hammer. God darn it I almost lost it when I found out what happened. I needed to cut the piece I just recently glued in, take out the mdf board, reglue the nuts to the button (this time with different glue) and glue everything together again.

After this trainwreck I drilled a hole in my wall, put in an anchor, drove in a screw and finally hung my button on the wall.

This project turned out very nice, even though I had some rough times during the build, but mistakes are inevitably part of making so it´s allright :-) Thank you so very much for the hundred subscribers on my YouTube channel, please check it out for more projects like this one and see you next week with next project!

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    3 years ago

    Awesome, way better than getting one given to you

    MK DIY
    MK DIY

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! Yeah, it was really fun project and first time I "used" cnc in my project!