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Introduction: MK: DIY CS:GO Karambit

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This knife is replica of knife from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There are some very nice weapons in the game and I´m sure I am going to make few more in the future, but let´s get to making of this now.

Materials: old saw blade, black plexiglass offcuts, matte black spray paint, glue.

Tools: anglegrinder, drillpress, files (flat, round), rasps (flat, round), saw with small teeth.

Step 1: Drilling

In the end of the karambit, there is a big hole for your finger to go in. I started by drilling that hole and after that I cut the knife itself. I´ve done it in this order because for me it´s easier to grind the material around the hole nicely, than trying to find the center of the outer circle and having the drill wandering around and other horrible stuff... However, because the steel I was working with was already hardened, I had to "de-harden" it first. For this I used propane torch till red hot and then let it slowly cool down.

After this was done I could finally aproach the drill press. I used regular HSS drills, the biggest I have is 17mm or 11/16" so after the drilling I used round file to enlarge the hole. After the filing the hole was not very round and the surface was kinda rough so I used rotary cyllindrical sanding stone in my drill to enlarge the hole even more and to achieve nice roundness and smooth surface.

Step 2: Blade

I cut the rough shape first using angle grinder with cut off wheel. After the hole was made I used cut off wheel again to bring the blade to almost finnished shape. I found grinding disc with which you can make really beatiful surface, almost like from a belt sander. All you need is little patience and steady hand (which are not exactly my strongest qualities :-D ). Then I used files to carve the finest curvest and to make sure that everything that should be paralel is paralel.

Lastly I painted it with my favourite matte black spray paint. I used it on good part of my projects and im running out of it.

Step 3: Handles

I made the handles out of the black plexiglass. I got my hand on lot of off cuts since I work at my new job and this is how I used few of ´em. First I was affraid, that they´re going to be too brittle, but they actually can be machined very nice. I used japanese saw, because it has small teeth, this is basically the only part where something can snap, so be careful especially while clamping or when the saw catches and make sure to use some soft padding between the vice jaws and the workpiece. After I cut the rough shape I aproached it with regular wood rasp and worked it to desired shapes and sizes.

BRO TIP: rasping/sanding/whatever kind of machining leaves the surface kinda matte if you want to make it glossy fire up your small shop torch and lick the surface lightly with it, so you don´t cook it.

And finally, I glued the handles in place.

Step 4: What You Think?

I made this knife heavily inspired by CS:GO. Let me know if you think it´s good or not, or what you would done differently. Thank you very much for reading/watching and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I post new video with Instructable every thursday :-)

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