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This is my second K'nex safe, but the first one was only a slide show, while this is an I'ble. This one is not the same one, and while it has many similarities to it, it does have some (rather significant) differences which make it better and probably more practical than the first.

My First K'nex Safe

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  • Uses 2 keys
  • Has 6 bolts
  • More compact than the first
  • More storage space than the first
  • Pretty solid, door is securely held in place by bolts

Step 1: Components

Make the following in the quantity stated:

Image 1: Make 1. Part A
Image 2: Make 2. Part B
Image 3: Make 3. Part C
Image 4: Make 4. Part D
Image 5: Make 6. Part E
Image 6: Make 6. Part F
Image 7: Make 1. Part G
Image 8: Make 4. Part H
Image 9: Make 1. Part I

Step 2: Construction

Follow the images:

Image 1: Add red and white rods to Part A.
Image 2: Add Part B & H.
Image 3: Add Parts C ,& 2 F, and 8 blue spacers.
Image 4: Add Part D.
Image 5: Add 3 Parts E.
Image 6: Add Part D.
Image 7: Add Parts C ,& 2 F, and 8 blue spacers.
Image 8: Add Part D.
Image 9: Add 3 Parts E.
Image 10: Add Part D.
Image 11: Add Parts C ,& 2 F, and 8 blue spacers.
Image 12: Add Part B.
Image 13: Attach rubberbands on both sides of the safe as shown.
Image 14: Add Part G and white rods.
Image 15: On the back, add red rods with tan clips, Part H, and green connectors.
Image 16: On front, add metallic blue clips and Part H.
Image 17: Add Parts H & I.

Step 3: Use

To use first make 2 keys like those in the first image. Then insert them in the holes on both sides of the safe as in image 2, and make sure that the end of the keys goes into the hole in the gray connector in the back as in image 3. Then turn both keys towards the middle as in image 4, the left key clockwise, the right key counter-clockwise. That should pull back the pins which lock the door of the safe and you should be able to open. It may not work too smoothly because of the rubberbands but you can always help the pins move yourself. Then to close, make sure the pins are back, close the door, and release the pins and remove the keys to let them insert themselves in the door and lock it. If they don't do this automaticly, move the door around so the pins go into the holes in it.

If you want it to use different keys, then you'll need to modify it yourself to accept different keys. The safe can be modified quite a bit and it will still work.

Note: This safe is not created to protect valuables and important objects. It can be broken into with relative ease so do not use it as real safe. I am not responsible for any losses, damages, and/or injuries and deaths caused by this instructable. That responsibility is yours.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I just finished building this and I think it's FANTASTIC! The only issues I had were piece shortages. Such as how I had to use yellow connectors for the lid instead of orange, but not a problem. My biggest problem was hinge shortage. But I followed the advice you gave earlier to snosageman99 and put 2 and the front and it worked fine. This is a great safe! It's actually pretty tough and secure. (Except for the front and back of the actual box) These were great instructions, it's a great safe, and I had a great time building it. Keep up the good work!


    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah the thing does use a whole lot of parts. I myself would have changed some things if I had the pieces. Glad you like it and thanks.l


    7 years ago on Introduction

    THIS IS TOTALLY EPIC!!!!!!! I'm gonna build this when my shipment of hinges come in. I've only got 2.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    hi I'm new to knex so can you post a small knex lock/safe please I really like your other but I don't have enough money to get more knex I only have 1000 knex please contact me to let me know if you can do that my gmail is or you can contact my intractable account


    Reply 6 years ago on Step 3

    When i put the keys in and turn them, the back right bolt retracts, and nothing else


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great safe you got there. I don't think that green rods would be very strong but whatever.