M.O.A.P and a Update on My TR


so after some inactivity I decided to make a new gun yestarday it the one down below. Its a slingshot type gun with a cool look to it. Its really nothing special but it does have a cool sliding trigger mech. The gun is a rachet type, so it can hold a lot of power I got about 45-50 feet on this gun. also, its slim for the most part besides 3 blue rods sticking out. I don't plan on updating it but I probably will make instructions if asked. Its not that hard to build, i built it in about an hour. So comment, and rate or sub if you like my work :)


in this update a better handle, better stock, and a very good attachable-dettachable foregrip,also a finger seperater was added.

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    didexodr. richtofen

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I already got the trigger mech worked out I just need to show him, if you want to see it. Its in my forum "Me and KnexBulid's Project" so check it out if you want