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I found an old old old Monopoly game and thought it would be cool to turn it into a clock, so I did! I even used the box, These old game boxes are very hard to find. The box from the 50"s has a tiny image of the board on the cover and it make an awesome center for the clock!

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Step 1: Have Fun

Have fun designing the clock, I made a fan like collage around the clock. I did it in layers and used thin layers of elmers glue so everything secured flat. too much elmers makes the paper, especially the $ 
wrinkle. The paper is very thin. 

Step 2: Supplies

The supplies are
The game, the box
elmers glue
Spray polyurethane
clock parts (most craft supply stores sell battery run clocks to use in craft projects,
I mounted my stuff on a 13 inch masonite circle. You can use whatever works. make sure you drill a hole in the center to mount the clock.

Step 3: Chance Community Chest

Step 4: Property Cards

Step 5: Houses and Hotels

I used the hotels to represent 3-6-9
I used houses in differnt mulitples to represent even numbers and the little players to represent odds.

Step 6: Dice

and of course double 6 represents 12 o'clock
One of those original gren die was missing. If anyone has one I would love to have it!

Step 7: Time to Play MONOPOLY

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm so bummed Susan I've been looking all over the place for a box with the board with no luck. I did however get my hands on a lot of old Monopoly games. So I'm brainstorming how to make one maybe using the whole board, I'm thinking perhaps hooking it to Masonite.

    2 replies

    Ebay...duh! Oy I tell ya sometimes I just plain do not think! :) I am however sort of loving the idea of a full board mounted on masonite, I just need to get out and about to get some, I promise to share. :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cute!! I adore Monopoly, and could see this going well in a game room, great idea!