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are you annoyed about not finding your stuff right away
are you annoyed about your desk always being untidy
then you've got to do this upgrade
sorry for the mess, i haven't been working for a while.
you will need:-
for the drawers
-small plastic drawers u can easily get those anywhere for less than $5
-glue(gun glue works really well)
for the soldering machine holder:
-a cheap soldering machine holder
(something like this******)
-a small screw

Step 1: Disassembling the Drawers

using a screw driver or even a hobby knife disassemble the three sections

Step 2: Gluing Them to the Desk

apply glue to the top of each part and glue them to the bottom side of the desk
then insert the drawers

Step 3: The Soldering Iron Stand

this is just a simple upgrade that i did and i would recommend for you all u have to do is to screw down the spring like part



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    thank you, tell me if u find it useful and dont forget to vote for me ;)