MP3-GIF: Hide Music Inside a Picture





Introduction: MP3-GIF: Hide Music Inside a Picture

In this instructable i will teach you how to hide an mp3 music file inside a gif image by hand.

all credit for this idea goes to thomas scott

Step 1: Ingredients

What you will need:
A GIF image

An MP3 music file (preferably not too long)

A computer (hopefully you figured this one out on your own :P )

Step 2: Open Your Command Prompt

there are a thousand and one ways to open your command prompt. here's one of them.

-windows users, hit windows+r (that's hold the windows button and hit r)
and type cmd into the window that opens.

-Linux users right click and choose xterm.

-Mac users should be the same as Linux users, but I haven't tried this in mac, so good luck.

\/if you know a better way, list it in the comments section.\/

Step 3: Navigating Using Command Line

Here's a quick rundown on command line navigation:

ls - lists all the files in the current directory
cd - changes what directory you're in (traverse directories using this)
cat - can be used to view the contents of a file or to copy a file or to combine two files.

dir - lists all the files in the current directory
cd - changes what directory you're in (traverse directories using this)
copy - can be used to copy a file or to combine two files.

how to use the cd command:
cd <directory/folder you want to go into>
cd .. backs out of the current directory/folder

Step 4: Combining the MP3 and the GIF

make sure you are in the same directory/folder as the mp3 and the gif.

for Windows users type:
copy picture.gif /b + music.mp3 /b combined.gif
(where picture.gif is your gif image, music.mp3 is your mp3 music file, and combined.gif is the final product)

For Linux/Mac users type:
cat picture.gif sound.mp3 > picture2.gif
(where picture.gif is your gif image, sound.mp3 is your mp3 music file, and picture2.gif is the final product)

after this you should have a finished .gif product.

Step 5: Finale

the .gif that you have now looks like a normal gif, but if you throw it into a music player it will play the mp3. The little devil guy on the front of this is one i made while making this instructable. download it and try it out.

if you dont want to do it this way or you want to know more go check out Thomas scott's instructions




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    39 Discussions

    Hmmm seems interesting but you file didn't play in windows media player, quicktime, or VLC.

    2 replies

    LOVED this reply! Good on ya, mate! He, he, he...


    2 years ago

    btw right click in the windows botton (windows 10) and you have the cmd there with or without admin
    some one 9 years later knows how to do this (add sount to gif) properly ?? ^^

    Yeah, mine not working either. Tried a few variations of the command. I can get the image to show up in media player, and it knows the title of the song, but there is no sound and stops playing after a few seconds. Any ideas?

    2 replies

    yeah, go to thoma's scott's page, he has a web baed version you can try out.

    its not working that page ... any other place ? i did it and its not working on vcl, windows media player, groove music
    not on facebook, not on gifyu.. bu thanks for the share

    Only works with winamp. Wmediaplayer, realplayer, quickplayer - not workin but showing the image.

    3 replies

    I know of a Vic Gundotra who is pioneering the VIC display of merged .giff and .mp3 display drivers for Google's Wall and L.E.D. ASCII N.E.W.S. paper.

    The little devil doesn't work, i think instructables convrts all pictures when it gets uploaded therefore loosing your compressed folder.

    First comment is that your link to Tom Scott's page is broken and I didn't see anything on his site about this.
    Second is that I've experimented with this for half dozen tries and all I get  is a Gif that displays the little devil picture in my player. (Quicktime, MediaPlayer Classic and Windows Media Player 11 (on XP SP3). The file is properly concatenated/combined (according to length) and  MPC  counts time as if it were playing it but no sound; QT and WMP display the GIF but don't do anything else.
    If I rename the combined file extension as MP3 they play it ok without the picture.

    Now, using your idea, instead typing in: "copy Picture.gif /b + Music.Mp3 /b Combined.gif" Use "copy Picture.gif /b + Music.Mp3 /b Combined.mp3" It works better for me, (it might be because of my Windows version (98) but thats what works best!)

    1 reply

    Can this method be reversed? Because I don't want to have to go open with...

    Can you also do Vorbis-PNG or FLAC-JPEG2000 or anything that doesn't use decades-old obsolete compression standards?

    Hey, was just wondering... Isn't this also used for viruses and the alike? Or could be... ??

    1 reply

    i just tried it with an exe file i wrote and it works fine.