MP5K Lego Edition




Introduction: MP5K Lego Edition

This MP5K isn't exactly 1:1 but its pretty close. It is maybe off by an inch here and there. Sadly it's also only a bolt action because a semi-auto gun would mean i would have to also load alot of rubberbands as well.

- bolt action
- removable clip
- grip
- accurate iron sights

It in Action:



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    8 Discussions

    Finally found a Lego gun on this site that uses flipping technic as the main building block. They generally make better guns.

    can i have instructions? also the part that holds the ammo that is loaded into the gun is called a magazine. the term clip is only used when talking about an m1 garand.

    On behalf of my brother, an aspiring gun nut, I'd like to point out that the correct term is 'mag.' Calling it a 'clip' is one of his pet peeves.

    beutifull. just beutifull. would you care to tell how many pieces you used? and could you split it up further?