MQTT Integration

About: Cloud services for IoT projects

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Step 1: How It Will Be Work?

You can switch on and off the LED of the ESP8266 with your mobile phone.

Step 2: Install the Example Code on Your IoT Device


You can simply clone the GitHub repository:

Replace the WiFi SSID and password in the code, compile it and install it on an ESP8266 board.

Other device

You need to implement the MQTT topic subscription with the following parameters:

MQTT server name:
MQTT server port: 1883
MQTT server username: mqttReader
MQTT server password: mqttReader
Subscription topic: sub/jPtvDXpb7zm375MtAKpELg/led
Subscription topic: sub/{nodeKey}/{field}

Step 3: Install the Android Application on Your Phone

Step 4: Sign in and Validate Your Email Address

Sign in and validate your email address, and you can see the dashboard with the node key, the field and the switch buttons. Also, you can use the application to draw charts of your measurements... :)

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