About: Hi! I'm None, Mr. NoNe! And I'm the first white art toy, completely customizable, born in a Fab Lab.

Here is "MR:NONE", the Art Toy you can print and customable.

You have a 3D printer, some building skills, If you love art and painting, this project is for you!! Art Toy MR:NONE is designed to be repainted and reinterpreted by street artists & traditional artists from many different backgrounds. The MR:NONE‘s design is created using a CAD Open Source software and and distribuited whit Creative Commons license. The production is done by 3D printers REP RAP self-crafted by the team. All the creative management, marketing and adv campaign, is done on the web and on related social networks. So MR:NONE is produced with the passion of the community that wants and will want to follow him. Web site where you will find all the instructions about MR:NONE's project:

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During Halloween Art Toy MR:NONE takes on a new identity! That of the Jack O'lantern legend.
Discover how!

Please download and print the templates to get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You can build your very own Art Toy MR:JACK

with this short list of materials and tools:


Filament for 3D Printers (Orange and Withe PLA, or other...)

Acrylic color

Standard Milliput (to shape the plastic)

Black marker

PVA glue (for the print floor)

Paper tape

Super glue

Battery and Led


Various types of colors (pencil, wax, etc.)

3D printer

Dremel Kit

Soldering iron

Tools for modeling






Step 2: Sketch

To help give an identity to the Art Toy, we decided to create a simple Template on which you can experiment.

Download the Template and fun to customize drawing and color creating a project!

Step 3: 3D Modeling

I created the new head (Halloween Pumpkin) for the Art Toy with Tinkercad:

  • I drew the pumpkin head with INKSCAPE and saved in SVG format.
  • I imported in Tinkercad the SVG file.
  • Finally, I changed the head of the MR:NONE and exported in STL.

Step 4: Download

The first step in creating your Art Toy is visit this page MR:NONE, and download legs, torso and arms in STL format.
You can also find the project on the page:

Ufficial Tinkercad page Mr.NoNe Project

Ufficial Thingiverse page Mr.NoNe Project

You can download the new Head (Halloween Pumpkin) of the toy to this page:

Step 5: 3D Print

BODY (torso, arms, legs)

After downloading all the STL model of Art Toy, the next step will be to get a 3D Printer (FDM tecnology) and choose the filament, so as to determine the material of which will be done.

  • I used a 3D printer (REP RAP model), built by me... But you can use any model.
  • The software that I use for the management of 3d printing is "Repetier Host" and Slic3r for slicing of STL model.

The Art Toy is made been printed with Green PLA filament. The following are the parameters used for printing:

  • Layer height - 0.2
  • Temperature nozzle - 210 (cooled by fan)
  • Dish - cold
  • Speed 40 millimeters per second
  • Perimeters 3
  • Infill: 20/30 % (or above to ensure a good closing of the upper layers)

HEAD (Halloween Pumpkin)

After downloading all the STL model of Head, the next step will be to get a 3D Printer (FDM tecnology) and choose the filament, so as to determine the color of which will be done.

  • For Head I used a 3D printer (Rep Rap / Galileo Smart). But you can use any model.
  • The software that I use for the management of 3d printing is "CURA" for slicing of STL model.

The Art Toy is made been printed with Orange PLA filament.

Look at the print parameters in the image.

Step 6: Postproduction

After printing, with your 3D printer, all components of the toy. They can be assembled!

But first you have to finish it ...

  • First, the supports should be removed, that the printer creates, with the help of the cutter.
  • Then they finished the joints with the help of Dremel Kit, rasp, cutter and sandpaper. Check if they engage well with each other...
  • Finally you can smooth the points not perfect and assemble controlling the joints of the arms, head and legs.

Modeling Milliput

We create the dress of MR:JACK, shaping Milliput.


  • Standard Milliputis our general purpose grade – it has been used for many years for the toughest tasks. Some typical applications include modelmaking, jewellery making and sculpting.

How to work with Milliput:

  • Mixing component A with component B (catalyst) to 50%.
  • When the components become one color, apply on the toy's body printed in 3D.
  • Mold the Milliput with the help of tools such as seen in the photos.
  • After 24 hours the plastic becomes very hard and can be sanded and painted.

Step 7: Electronic

But how do we light the head of our toy? On the occasion of Halloween celebrations.
We can do it with a battery and two LEDs inside a bottle cap.

Follow the photos!

Step 8: Customize

When all components have been printed and finished, they can be assembled.
But the goal of our Art Toy is to be customized.

So we dedicate ourselves to the color of the toy, inspiring us to The Jack O'lantern legend!

To paint the toy I used acrylic colors is a fixative.

You can view all the steps through the photos.

Step 9: Thanks!

Sorry for my bad English, but I hope it is understandable. Special thanks to Makers Modena FabLab and Fab Lab Messina for machines and tools.

If you create your custom MR:NONE, we would be happy to receive photos and your contact!

thank you!

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