MS Word Trick or Treat

Introduction: MS Word Trick or Treat

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I don't know if this has been ever tried before other than me. It is visible in MS Word (2003, 2007 and 2010). If this is a bug or something else the reader has to decide. But this is fun doing.

Here is a tutorial about a word document in which text can be hidden and can only be seen when the document is printed.


Create a new word document.
Set the layout as 2 column.
Insert a table of 2 column in the left column
Insert a table of 1 column in the right column
Drag the border of right table so that it overlaps with the left table
Drag the border of left table so that they align  with the borders of the right table
You are done!

See the print preview doesnot shows the text of the right table!
Print the page and you will see the text of the right table.

Such a document will be more secure when it is password protected for editing.

A sample template is provided.



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    I'm confused..... where is the trick?
    You are just hiding text wit a table.... it's like to say: "open power point, create a shape, write a text in it, create another shape overlapping the first... you will see that the text and the first shape will disappear"...

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    This trick is to hide the text so that you can never see them on screen (not even in print preview)! It can only be seen if you take a printout! Dare to do that with powerpoint? Please read the steps completely to understand the procedure. Easier option is just to download the doc.

    It means "Is it a mocrosoft's trick. Or a treat that the users can use". You decide!

    I'm guessing the recipient of the message could be treated-(delighted) or tricked with the surprise of the appearance of the new text :)