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Intro: MS021

Here we have it! My knex MS021. (Made up name) 4 pictures of each version. I'm still trying to make an ammo clip to fire yellow rods. Pic 3 is the standard knex barrel. The end of the barrel gets wider. I think the forward grip is not mine. The Butt is better. The ram Doesn't seem to break. It's easy to pull back. I don't know power yet until I get the mag working. Please rate, tell me if I should post instructions on how to build this. Range is about 6feet with a weak rubber band.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    lol you say that when the mag misfires and launches the blue rods, its like a shell. and yeah, i think you need to work on it to increase power, or else people will nag at you if you post an 'ible

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    Hmmm...the hold way i see that is possible is if...i add more rubber will be hard to pull back cause the ram to cut short and shoot it into my eyeball. then i would run around in circles then fall on the