MSR Windboiler Pot Stand

Introduction: MSR Windboiler Pot Stand

I like using my MSR windboiler with its attached pot but I also wanted the option of using a wider pot or pan. Unfortunately MSR don't currently make a pot stand for their windboiler stove but Jetboil (a different company) do make a stand that almost perfectly fits. I felt that the diameter of the opening on the stand was too narrow and would block too much of the flame so I used a mini cutting tool to widen the opening. I'm happy with the result as it gives me the option of using other cooking gear with the wind boiler stove.

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Step 1: Jetboil Pot Stand

The diameter of the opening blocks about 1cm of the burner flame all around.

Step 2: Cutting Away.

I used a mini cutting tool (dremel type) to widen the opening.

Step 3: Grinding

Some grinding was necessary to tidy up the cut edge.

Step 4: Using Stand.

The pot stand works perfectly to support a pot or pan. A quick test boiled 500 ml of water in about 4 minutes. The pot may be a little high from the flame if using in a windy or exposed location and that may reduce efficiency but at least the burner won't overheat.

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