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Introduction: MST-576 V.1

About: I am an engineering graduate who is constantly tinkering, making, and building. I have always enjoyed disassembling old electronics and re-purposing them. I enjoy anything mechanical, electrical, chemical, o...

I designed this arm gun about a year ago, it has eight barrels that hold up to 10 rubberbands each, I am going to tell you right now that I am not going to post this version in full instructions. I have doubled my knex amount since then and can make many needed improvements. but that will have to wait a month or two.



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    if i remember correctly, it weighed 8 pounds, was 20 inches long, and 8 inches in diameter. but that's just my best guess, its not exact. i will be working on version 2 soon, i got distracted from building it before.

     .. but still.. u gotta make an even bigger 1..just for laughs.. xD.. but treu.. hmmm.. u can make it like an rpg.. have lie on ur shoulder.. :P... btw,, are there n e knexers that u no that live in australia????

    i wanna no where to buy more knex.. i dont have enuff to make alot of the guns on here.. :(

     oh.. well than x n e way.. and is it in australian or american dollars?.. cos i wen in ebay last time and all it sed was $50.... and i wasnt sure.. :S is Australia's ebay, it is in Australian currency. the two best deals appear to be

    you said 8 barrels that hold 10 rubber bands... Do you mean 8 barrels that hold 10 ammo each? If so, this is awesome! Like an arm shotgun :p

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    i used to play it alot, when i wasn't as grown up as i am now... that was several years ago. but yeah, this thing looks alot like it. if you have an n64 youll know what game im talking about. oh yeah LOL, i hope you realize you're talking to a pyronite :)

    i have had every game for the nintendo 64 emulator that i can find for while, and i don't know what your talking about, i hope you realize your talking to a computer geek :)

    1. i mentioned the game in my previous comment. 2. if you claim you have every then it should be somewhere in your pile, and 3. a pyronite is living fire of coarse :-p

    that's good to hear :) i don't think we've been introduced, you new here? i've been here awhile, 2 years to say the least.