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hy everyone in this Instructables i will show you how to make music contolled led by simple 1 or 2 steps
its is very cheap i does not require any microcontroller or any such things


For making music controlled led you dont need any arduino or any microcontroller yoy just need some LEDs ,
its music controlled leds ,so to light up th leds we need a WOOFER

Step 2: Connecting Leds to Woofer

Connecting leds to woofer is very simple just connect anode(+) of the led to anode of the woffer and cathode to the cathode of woofer in fig 2 i had just shown with one led
you can make crazy shape and stripe like which i have done
NOTE : if you are arranging leds in any shape you should connect all the cathode and anode of the led together and the finally to the woofer anode and cathode

UPDATE :I had heard from some people they blew up thier leds by doing this

if your leds couldn't withstand the voltage it is recommended to use resistor

Step 3: Video

I had uploaded a video check it out music controlled led
if you have any doubt just comment : )



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    Just make sure your strand of LEDs are long enough. I've blown many leds trying to do this and the voltage/current was too high.

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    This can also possibly have the effect of damaging lesser amplifiers as the effect is basically the same as placing a bunch of diodes in parallel across the amplifier's output. Minimally you should have a 100 to 330 ohm resistor on each and every LED.

    Have you ever tried wiring it to an auxiliary cable for a computer? Those provide ~5v and have a left, right, and ground channel... should be fairly easy to do assuming you don't draw too much, and you would also have 2 separate sets of LED's blinking.

    Sub woofers use DC not watts ?