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I made this Circuit because I wanted a calling bell which is soothing to the ear and I can also enjoy the music. Here I have used an Integrated Circuit UM 3481 which has 8 pre-recorded songs and one plays after another in sequence. Press the music ON button and one song plays and then stops. Again press the ON button another song plays and so on….
This is a very easy project anyone can make it........

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Step 1: Part List

Parts you will need.

Ic-UM 3481.

One, NPN Transistor BC 549.

One, Condenser 47pf.

One, PVC Box 4x4 inches.

One, small SPST switch.

One Bell Switch.

One Speaker 8 Ohms 0.5Watt.

3 Volt Battery or 2AA size Penlite Batteries.

Or One 3.6 volts Discarded Mobile Phone L-ion Battery.

Wires, solder etc….

Step 2: The Circuit..

Solder the circuit as per the Circuit Diagram.

I have used a Discarded Mobile Phone L-ion Battery of 3.6 volts, which can be recharged ....

All the component are fitted into the PVC box.

Step 3: Song List.

You can also use any one of these 5 Chips as they play different number of per-recorded songs as per the song list. The same Circuit applies to all the Chips named below.

UM 3481, UM 3182, UM 3483, UM 3484 and UM 3485.

Step 4: Pin Description of UM 3481.

Pin Symbol and description is given here as it may help you in making your own choice.

Connect the battery, press the Call bell Switch and enjoy the music….

If the Music is too long and you want to stop it you can always switch OFF the Power Switch and ON again for the next caller, that is

why the Power switch is fixed on the Box.

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