my first set of steampunk goggles.
i dont take credit for the design i copied somones instructable



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    Steampunk is a victorian fashion you might say. something someone would be able to create as a very talented inventor type. but Steampunk is a fantasy type mixing old world things into a very modern but classy art. its the technology of its time.

    A much better explanation than I could give. It is a victorian/dystopian style of dress. very fun, and as inexpensive or as expensive as you want to make it.

    it's just a cool word for industrial.. gothy.. like, a mixture of old style, with a flair. Ha, like something that would be on Mad Max.

    its sort of like modern things customized to make it look like they are supposed to run on steam

    Yeah, these guys are right It's steam powered technology with a modern-victorian style. It's sometimes described as "The path not taken"

    It's kind of like mixing history with the future. I've heard people say it's what the past would have looked like if the future happened back then. Did you ever see that (really bad) movie with Will Smith - Wild Wild West? That's steampunk. The movie is a bunch of cowboys in the wild west days that have built super weapons and robots and stuff. Hope that helps, but it probably doesn't. :)

    its more so if steam had evolved as the dominate power source and not combustion but guaps has it

    I actually really love the roughness of them. In some dangerous situations, you wouldn't have time for making them pretty, and simple functionality would be the priority.

    The ones with massive gadgetry are fine in their way. But these express a sense of urgency.

    Steampunk: The marriage of romance and technology.

    Yeah, Aztof is right. If you make another pair, smooth out the plastic with a soldering iron and they'll look really good. I like your choice of paint, good job.

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    coolness. i like how you added your own twist to it. (like the awesome paint job on the lids and the leather strap) i too used the same instructable you did as a reference. i didnt use a baseball though. and your paint is waaay cooler than mine