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Introduction: MY Way of Organizing My Rainbow Loom

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PLEASE follow and like!!! HONEST FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!!This is my way of organizing the rainbow loom stuff. You don't have to use this way, but you could. NOT expensive! You could also store other stuff. Oh and NOT all of the pics are mine!(but some are)

Step 1: Start

Before we start, you need to take all of the stuff you want to organize out.

Step 2: Buying Stuff

Now that you have your stuff out(I'm gonna store my rainbow band stuff), you might need to buy some things. I'm going to show you two storage case ideas

Step 3: This Is the First Idea

In the pictures you could see the first choice. You could buy it from A.C. Moores. You could get it for about $4.(to me that's a good price) You could also get it at other places but they're slightly more expensive(about $7-$14). It has rearrangable dividers. You could rearrange it any way you want!

Step 4: My Next Idea

I got this at Job Lots. I got this for about $13 even though it usually costs $40. They have different colors but the store where I got it only had yellow(I don't like yellow but bought it anyways), I didn't like the color so I added stickers to mine so you might see that in the pictures. The storage box comes with smaller storage cases with dividers! I filled the divided storage cases with my rainbow bands so if you want, you could also! The dividers can be rearranged!

Step 5: This Is How I Organized My Green Box!

I placed my made rubber band bracelets in the big empty spot!

Step 6:

In the smaller parts, I put my made hair clips, rings and unneeded instructions and unneeded dividers in them.

Step 7:

I then put my made charms in the remaining space!

Step 8: How I Store My Clips

I store my clips in a tiny plastic jug/tube. I'll tell you which box I put it in later. I got it from emphinal(my mom's work place)

Step 9: How I Store My Yellow Storage Box

You already know I put my rainbow bands in there. But on the top part, I store my loom, instruction manual, hooks, an extra tiny storage box(just in case), a pencil, and my CLIPS!

Step 10: Done!!!

Now you're done!!! :D I like to keep my rainbow loom stuff at my bed(you could put yours anywhere but I like it on my bed) so I place my yellow box on my green one!

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    that is a smart way... I need more bands



    6 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing! Hope to put out more soon!