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In this instructable ( MY FIRST ONE) I will give mac users some tips and hints about a little app called Terminal. Like I said its my first one so no mean comments!

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Step 1: 1st Terminal Command: for the Lonely

Open up terminal.
this crap below is already there
Then type: say  then say anything you want. For example: say turkey (it will say turkey).
Try it now!

Well if you tried it, You'll realize you have to keep typing say. well, if you want to open it just to make it talk just put say then enter and then type away no need to pointlessly keep pressing enter! The only bad thing is if you want to do something else you'll have to exit out and re open terminal.

HAVE FUN!!!! ( the picture is fuzzy it is just a picture of terminal opened with the command in it)

Step 2: 2nd Command: STAR WARS

Go to terminal and type in: telnet   It will activate a little video of star wars IV!

Step 3: 3rd Terminal Command: Got Game?

 Go into terminal and type: emacs hit esc+x. then enter any of these fun games!
(For list of games see picture)


Please don't post mean comments its my first video!

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 2

    This is awesome something fun for geeks like me to do while bored in class


    9 years ago on Step 2

    I'm soooo tempted to do this...

    But, I don't have real-time virus protection on my Mac.  And, yes, I know that "no one puts out nasties for Macs".

    Except ... before IBM Personal PC and later on Microsoft became ubiquitous for personal computers, Apple was ubiquitous for personal computers.  And the PC users congratulated themselves that they were invulnerable because all the nasties were aimed at Apple machines.

    People!  No matter your manufacturer ... Drive your computer defensively.  Get protection.

    (As for me, I'll go over to my WinDoze machine, with full protection, and then go look at this.  :-)