Mac and Cheese, Top Ramen Style!




Mac and Cheese for those that don't feel like boiling water.

I find this recipe far better than "in the box" mac and cheese, and it takes a little less time.

I got the inspiration for this looking at other recipes for top ramen here on instructables. and wanted to improve it in to something truly great, and I think I may have just done it

P.S this is my first Instructable so be as nondescript and condescending as you can in you criticism.

thank you :P

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Step 1: The Stuff You Need.

To start out you will need.


1 Brick of Velveeta cheese.

1 Pack of chicken top ramen (I have never tried other flavors, so experiment if you like)


2 Bowls of near the same size.

1 Microwave.

Step 2: Cooking the Noodles.

The first thing you want to do is open the noodles and take out the flavor pack, SAVE THIS!
You will need it a little later.

Next brake up the noodles up in the bowl, note the smaller you break up the noodles, the easier a latter step will be.

Now cover with water and put in the microwave for 4 minutes( depending on the power of your microwave )

Step 3: The "cheese"

Now its time for the cheese(if you can call it that)

You can use as much or as little as you would like, most of the time i put in about 1/2 to 2/3 of an inch of velveeta.

Step 4: Draining the Noodles.

This next step will a bit hard to fellow, but try to stay with me.

There is a two part draining procedure, first take the noodles out of the microwave and cover with your other bowl, and drain over the sink.

Now you don't have to get all the water out, I would stay stop draining at about a trickle.

Now take the noodles back over to the counter and add the flavor pack, all of it.

After stirring in the seasoning, cover the noodles again with water, and re drain, this time getting most of the water out.

You will end up with perfectly seasoned noodles, now if you did not have any cheese on hand you could just eat it now, and its pretty good, but lets move on to the last steps.

Step 5: The Cheese!

At this point you will add the cheese, break the cheese up into little bits so it can melt better.

Than throw the bowl back in to the microwave and set it for 1:OO to 1:3O minutes.

Take it out of the microwave stir up the cheese and noodles.(happy that you broke up the noodles good?)

Eat and enjoy.

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      38 Discussions


      11 months ago

      I would surely wanna eat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      3 years ago

      I have always put cheese in my beef Ramen noodles with a hint of soy sauce lol I always thought it was normal, guess not ?


      hmm it was said that you can form perfectly seasoned noodles from the 2nd draining and putting of powder.

      My question is, how can it be perfectly seasoned? isn't the flavor going to be drained as well?:)

      thank you. it's been days since i was craving for such snack.

      1 reply

      Reply 4 years ago

      I wondered the same thing! How do you drain it after putting on the seasoning and then submerging the seasoned noodles without "washing" (for lack of a better word) all of the seasoning off?

      Mr. Rig It

      11 years ago on Introduction

      Nice idea I will give it a try. One suggestion to make it easier and less messy. Don't open your Ramon noodle bag. Put it on the counter and crush the noodles while they are still in the sealed bag, use the palm of your hand and your body weight and it will crush them very nicely. Don't worry about the seasoning bag it won't get ripped open this way. After crushing is complete then use scissors to open the bag and pour into the cooking dish. Very simple and very clean.

      2 replies
      JuneJosephScottMr. Rig It

      Reply 4 years ago

      Amazing idea! I am just about to start making this for the first time, and luckily decided to read the comments first, because I wouldn't have thought of this and surely would have made a huge mess, lol! Thanks for posting! I'm following this pretty much exactly except am using shredded cheddar cheese! So fingers crossed it comes out good! I've seen people mention using just about every kind of cheese though, so I'm sure it will! :) Yum!

      neveryMr. Rig It

      Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

      You can also hold the bag with both hands on each side of the bag and with your thumbs in the middle, then make sure the seam of the bag running betweens your thumbs and press inward with your thumbs, rotate, press again, then "pinch" the 4 pieces into smaller pieces.

      After that, open the top and pour in a bowl, then pull the spice packet out of the dry noodles! :D

      To the OP, thanks for the recipe!

      I've been making ramen noodles since I was 5, and even then I thought cheese would be a perfect add in. :)


      5 years ago on Introduction

      I loved making it. :) It even works with beef. I made two bowls of it and both tasted heavenly. :) It even works with shredded colby jack cheese. :)


      7 years ago on Introduction

      Ive been making this same thing for years. I usually use the velveeta cheese pack that comes with "kraft velveeta mac&cheese" and then just put those mac and cheese noodles in a ziplock and safe them for later. So once again: i use the "mac&cheese velveeta" mix with the 90%-drained- "ramen" and then sometimes I even add a little shredded mozzarella or shredded provolone just to make it even cheesier and to make it somewhat more natural (since velveeta isn't a natural product) and sometimes (if i don't have velveeta,........ i'll use the cheese powder that comes w/ kraft mac&cheese, stir it w/ 90%drainedRamen, butter, and then shredded provolone. Regardless of the way you do it, cheesy ramen is sooo good!!

      C File

      9 years ago on Step 3

      Velveeta just associates itself with cheese to be modest. Everyone knows that it can accomplish many things that conventional cheeses can't even dream of. It is truly a marvel of culinary engineering.


      10 years ago on Step 5

      Why is it that the stranger things are the better they taste?


      10 years ago on Step 1

      In the Army we call the multi-tool a gerber, because thats who manufactures the ones we get issued. I say this because I definately agree, those things are effin handy!


      10 years ago on Introduction

      "P.S this is my first Instructable so be as nondescript and condescending as you can in you criticism." lol, nice. Looks good, going to have to try this...


      what a great idea, im going to try this when I get home! thenks I love cheesey things...

      Mr E Man

      10 years ago on Step 5

      I don't think we have Velveeta Cheese over in Australia.. In fact i'd never heard of it! So i wikipedia'd it and found... In 2002, the FDA warned Kraft that Velveeta was being sold with packaging that described it as a "pasteurized processed cheese food," which the FDA claimed was false ("cheese food" must contain at least 51% cheese). Velveeta is now sold as a "cheese product," using a term for items that contain less than 51% cheese So what exactly is in the 51% or more? They're made of apple cores and Chinese newspapers! Homer: (reading a Velveeta Cheese) Hey, Deng Xiaoping died! ... Could I use 100% Kraft Cheddar? They sell that in AUS.

      1 reply