MacGyver Blinds

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The following instructable details how to create make-shift temporary blinds. A practical solution if you have moved into a new home without considering the size of your windows, the compatibility of your old window coverings, or other commonly overlooked aspects relating to your new windows.

In essences, this is a quick and easy way of solving your privacy issues in lieu of not having adequate window coverings. It is easy to assemble and uses items commonly found around the house. It is also semi-functional allowing you to control the amount of light entering the enclosure. Perfect as a temporary solution when searching for that latest designer curtain!

For my tutorial, Step 1 contains the entire step-by-step tutorial on how to create temporary blinds. Made in a MS Powerpoint environment  it is ready to print.

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Step 1:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Power point presentations on iPhone...
    Preface, agenda, introduction...
    This will be my cheat sheet for anything I ever have to demonstrate, present, argue or sell for the rest of my life. Thank you!!bed sheet, privacy loving, window cloaked power point presenter- you. Xoxo

    I stumbled onto it by accident actually. Minus the standard ppt backgrounds, I think it has potential too!

    Ive use that slide show style before but I really like the ppt backgrounds as sometimes the little box thing supplied by instructables is hard to spot and requires the cursor on it to see the text.
    have a look at
    and you will see what a mean.