Macabre Halloween Chandelier

Introduction: Macabre Halloween Chandelier

In this instructable I will show you how to build a cool halloween prop / chandelier using materials from your local dollar store.

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Step 1: Materials Used

Materials Used:

1 Dollar Store skull

1 Hanging chain

1 Fake eye ball or ping pong ball

white, black, and red acrylic paint

1 Can black spray paint

1 Dollar Store Halloween doily/

1 Pot stand

3 Battery powered candles from the Dollar Store

1 Blackbird from Dollar Store

1 Glue gun and hot glue

1 paint brush

1 paint mixing dish

Step 2: Create Dripping Candles

The battery operated candles I used came from the dollar store, and as such are a little are a little plain.

To make them appear more realistic and midevil I gave them a dripping wax effect.

Take your hot glue gun and begin applying lines of glue slowly down the candle starting at the top where the bulb is

Don't start from the bottom, always the top or it won't look like it's dripping down the side

Once your happy spray the candles with white spray paint or acrylic paint.

Step 3: Paint the Skull

The skull was back originally but I didn't like that so I repainted it.

Mix your white and black acrylic paint, mix a few different shades.

Use lighter shades for highlights and darker gray in areas like the temple, behind the jaw, etc.

Use black to paint the teeth, eye sockets, and nose.

Step 4: Bird Feeding on Eyeball

To create this effect grab the eyeball or ping pong ball and the hot glue gun.

Take the hot glue gun and beginning at the tip of the beak slowly extrude a line of glue and connect it to the eye ball. Flipping it upside down and back can help it not break while it dries

Repeat the process a number of times until your satisfied.

Once that's done and dry take a can of red spray paint and spray on top of the eye. Hold the can about a foot away to create a light mist.

Next paint or carefully drip red acrylic paint onto the glue strands

Once your finished top bloody eye off with a glossy clear coat to give it a permanent wet look.

Step 5: Paint Doily and Glue to the Bottom of the Plant Stand

Paint both sides of the green doily with black spray paint. Once it's dry secure it to the bottom of the plant stand with a few dabs of hot glue.

Step 6: Mount Bird on Skull

The birds come with plastic feet. Remove these and shove in 2 pieces of relatively thick wite into the and then press into the skull. Or just glue it.

Step 7: Attach Candles to the Plant Stand

Use the hot glue gun to secure the candles to the plant stand.

Once cool paint the newly laid glue white as well.

Step 8: Attach Chains and It's Done!

Clip the chain onto the planter using the press clips at the end of each chain segment. Make sure the connection points are evenly spaced or it won't sit level.

Its finished!

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