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Introduction: Macbook Air Apple Decoration

About: Hello, my name is Moorle. I am 13 years old and I live in Holland. I was supposed to start an account on this site for school, but I actually like it, so you'll probably see more of my instructables!

Do you have a MacBook Air and you want to decorate this apple on the back? Than this instructable is made especially for you! Go perk up the back of your laptop!


-Washi tape


-A pen

-An empty sticker sheet

-Your laptop :)

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Step 1: Draw the Outline of the Apple

You shall, obviously, use the pen to do this. It doesn't matter if there doesn't come any ink out of your pen, only if you still can see the outline you've made. You have to be able to see this outline on the back of your sticker sheet, as showed in the picture. You can make this outline on the actual back of your laptop.

Step 2: Put the Washi Tape on Your Outline

Use any color you'd like to use. I am using this yellow, hearted tape, which I think looks really nice. This is the second time I do it, I've done it with green before. A tip: use rainbow-colored washi tape, that might look nice! Make sure to cover the whole outline at this step. It is okay if you can't see the outline anymore, as long as you can still see it on the back of your sticker sheet.

Step 3: Now Cut It Out!

Use the outline you see on the back to cut your apple out! Make sure you cut it neatly. (If that is even a word.) By the way, I am sorry that the quality of my pictures isn't that good. I hope you still understand what to do ;) Warning: also cut out the leave of the apple, do not forget that piece!

Step 4: This Is What It Should Look Like Now!

Is this what your project looks like this far? Yes? Then, let's move on to the last step!

Step 5: Now Put the Tape on Your Actual Apple!

Make sure you place it correctly. I am an perfectionist, so this step was quite hard for me :). But don't worry, it's actually quite easy! But be warned: If you have used more parts of tape, like I did, not all the tape will come off at once. You will have to put it on your laptop in different parts.

This is what your MacBook should look like in the end! As you can see, I've used green tape, which I thought looked quite nice. But you are able to use every color you want!

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Have fun!

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