Macbook Pro Homemade Backspace Key


Introduction: Macbook Pro Homemade Backspace Key

Well, about four months ago I spilled beer on my Macbook Pro keyboard, ruining it. Thankfully only the keyboard was affected.I used the computer with an external keyboard for about three months . I eventually picked up another keyboard from eBay for $90 (including shipping). But, of course, something had to go wrong during installation. I had to slightly bend the keyboard to install it and in the process my backspace key popped off, scissor assembly and all. In the midst of all of this I was moving into a new apartment. So I eventually ended up losing the key and scissor assembly. The raised rubber contact was still in place though so, despite how uncomfortable it was to use, I did anyways. Not wanting to spend anymore money I just decided to make something that would work and could be replaced, because anything is better than nothing at all. This is also my first instructable so thanks for reading!

Step 1: Find Some Cardboard

I didn't want to use regular cardboard because it didn't sit flush with the other keys on the keyboard so I used some cardboard from a Domino's box (I love cinnamon sticks...mmmm). Just make sure what you use is pretty stiff.

Step 2: Cut Out a Key

Just cut out a rectangular piece piece of cardboard. Then trim it until it fits nicely in the backspace key space.

Step 3: Duct Tape

Now just take a piece of duct tape and cover one side and fold the edges over.

Step 4: Risers and Makeshift Contact

All I have done here is taken small strips of cardboard and glued them on all four sides. Be sure that your cardboard pieces aren't in the way of the small metal mounting brackets for the scissor mechanism. The small rubber piece that pushed the two contacts together eventually got pulled off so what I did was took a very small strip of duct tape and cut it into tiny little squares. I kept adding more and more and tested the key every couple of pieces. Once it feels right to you, you're done!

Step 5: Finishing Up

The only thing left to do is line the key up and put it in. You can put a drop of glue of each little cardboard strip. Just be sure when you press it down it doesn't stay down. Keep in mind this is only a temporary fix. It could last one day or forever. Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any suggestions. -edt



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    This solution is fairly obvious and doesn't really strike as particularly durable. The more obvious one would be to go to an apple store... i saw a guy beg for a key replacement once, and actually get it for free. You know, it's not on the pricelist. :)

    lol, i thought that was a thin piece of wood (tghat would look cool...and work better than cardboard.)

    Is cardboard the best solution? I only ask because I wonder about the backlit keyboard (which I'm assuming you have) and while I think it is lit by LEDs, the minimal heat generated could loosed the duct tape's hold, and gum everything up, or in the worst case scenario, light your delete key on fire. Just wondering. Inventive solution though.

    Well I would have but I threw that one away as soon as I replaced it. The backspace key on the new keyboard initially stayed on until eventually falling off.

    can't you just take the key from your beer soaked keyboard? great idea though

    Thanks for the advice. I had considered using a piece of PVC card also.

    i would suggest using some good mount card, will last alot longer than corrigated stuff.

    It's hard to say. The more I used it the more pissed off I would get.

    By the end of your no backspace key stint, had you started making less and less errors?