Macbook Pro Venting Experiment

My 5 year old macbook pro has always run hot and had burned through two I/O board.  
I got sick of it so I took to venting it myself.
I tore the whole thing downto the bottom tray, marked it with a pencil and strait edge, taped some graph paper down and started drilling holes. I took care not to drill through something important.  Then I used a larger size bit to clean up the holes inside and out. 
Next I scrubbed it clean with alcohol and blew it out with compressed air.  My last step was to add the "Cool Feet" to raise it up off the desk. Results?
The specs in the pictures are running the processor at 100% for 10 min. with an ambient room temp. of 88 deg. F.
Then I let the cpu idle for 10 min and came out with the second set of specs. Enjoy!

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