Macbook Pro Hinges Fix

My 2007 Macbook Pro has broken hinges.
The laptop still works great, and I would not toss it away.
I believe it is a structural fault, but Apple will not admit it nor fix it.
So I decided to fix it myself, so it will not break completely and render the laptop useless.

Step 1: Get Clip Binders

Find the smallest clip binders that will fit.
Cost of 2 clips;  0.56 US$

Step 2: Foam

Find some foam to insert, to adjust the depth.
I used earplugs or foam.

Step 3: Installation

Beware not to clip the screen itself !
Beware that the clips stay on the frame.

Step 4: Temporary Fix

Yes, this is a not a permanent repair, but a "temporary fix"
You have to remove the clamps to close the laptop.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I had the same thing happen to my 2007 MBP. I was trying to find solutions and wish I had seen this one long ago. I have since replaced the top of my laptop because the monitor eventually went out. $80 on eBay and I replaced it myself following some online instructions. I had been taping mine with any clear tape I could find, but it would eventually wear out. Was about to glue a strip of metal or nylon to the break. Monitor may not have ever went out if I had used the clips.