Mach Hare Madness...for Cheap (around $35) and in 5 Days!




For spirit week we had to dress up for Disney day, so I chose to go all out for my senior year. I wish I had taken pictures along the way, but hope this will help until my first 'REAL' Instructable.

I started with a hockey mask from the Halloween isle at Walmart and built out the basic shape with plastic cross-stitch canvas and hot glue. Then I cut the muzzle in half and shaped the mask around the nose and cheeks and lined the inside with foam and re attached it with elastic at the jaw joint.. Next I covered the eye with chiffon and the whole thing with fur. I made a separate hood and attached it. Then I added some jumbo teddy bear eyes on the outermost corner of the eye so I could see.Then I lined the lips with faux leather and the inside of the mouth with black felt. The teeth and nose were painted  Fimo sculpts and were added last.  Add some mismatched crazy clothes, white gloves and a tail and you are good to go! 

Better instructables on fursuiting when I have the time. :) 



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would suggest making the chiffon eye screens look like tear ducts, so it looks a bit more real. Alternatively, you could make "follow-me" style eyes, which would really add to the creepy factor!

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    Yeah, that is what I tried to do, but it was my first fursuit, self-taught. I didn't even plan on using teddy bear eyes until I found out I cut the eye holes too small to fit the toon eyes I made into it so i had to do it last minute.

    As it was it was extremely hard to see out of. I think if i were to make the chiffon any smaller, i would have been blind. I will definitely do that for my next one (coming up soon).

    I see that you have just joined, I look forward to seeing some stuff from you that may help me become better, myself. ((psst, if you know anything about quad suits, hint hint))

    Thanks! It was originally for an (m)Alice in Wonderland themed haunted house. I am now modifying to look like the one from "madness returns" MWAhahaha. >:D

    Thank you so much!

    I'll probably start on the 'ibles soon, but most likely not until after Halloween. I have a LOT on my plate this month; spirit week, b-day parties, Haunted fairgrounds, etc. But I cant wait to share them! :D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looking forward to seeing the step-by-step for your next one! This looks great!