Machinations, Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit Featuring Work by Randy Sarafan



Introduction: Machinations, Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit Featuring Work by Randy Sarafan

Ive recently had the pleasure and honor to work several new media artists on an exhibit titled Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source for the Glass Curtain Gallery of Columbia College Chicago. The exhibit features works by artists from all over the country and a few from overseas who all create kinetic sculptures with a D.I.Y spirit. In tandem with the exhibit, artist and inventor Tayor Hokanson will be conducting a series of hands on workshops on how to build your own DIYLILCNC machine. The exhibit features several fascinating works including mini Strandbeest kits by Theo Jansen, a pneumatically controlled sculpture by Jeremy Boyle titled (self-playing) Guitar, a site-specific work, Simple Bots by Randy Sarafan, (n)Fold created by Pencil Studios (Sabrina Raaf and Travis Saul) and a piece that serves as a digital kinetic diary titled Deviation by Stephen Cartwright.  Also in conjunction will be a book signing by Paul Catanese, creator of a series of digital relief prints created with the aide of a cnc machine. In his book, Post-Digital Printmaking, Catanese explains in great detail a number of experimental printmaking techniques. A less formal, more educational side of the exhibit titled the Research Lab, which features projects from all over the country. The exhibit and related events are open to the public and free to attend, also a catalog accompanies the exhibit with a forward by artist Patrick Lichty.

We will be sure to send updates on the progress of the workshops, thanks, curator and artist Mark Porter.

Participating artists:

Daniel Jay Bertner
Jeremy Boyle
Stephen Cartwright
Paul Catanese
Paul Granjon
Theo Jansen
Joseph Morris
Anat Pollack
Chris Reilly
Randy Sarafan
Pencil Studios (Sabrina Raaf and Travis Saul)

Research Lab-
Arthur Ganson,
Elizabeth Rossiter ,
Tim O'Keefe
Conor Peterson
Ryan Rasmussen
Steven Laurie


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