Macrame's Story

Let' s enjoy :)

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Step 1: Pretty Woman, She Look at the Sky

P.S. Find the center of the paracord and form the loop at the center

Step 2: She Is Shying

Step 3: She Is Thinking

Step 4: And Crossing Her Arm

Step 5: Then, Lighter Insert to Her Hug :O

Step 6: Pretty Woman Reform Herself

Step 7: Put Her Right Hand Under Her Left Hand

Step 8: Pull Her Left Hand Underneath Lighter But Upper Her Right Arm

Step 9: She Is Stronger!!

Step 10: Flipflop Her Hand Again (converse Side)

Step 11: More and More Stronger!!!

Step 12: Pretty Woman Successful Overwhelm Lighter

Step 13: Cut Her Surplus

Step 14: Glen Fire at Her Bottom

Step 15: Happy Ending Story :)

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    5 years ago

    Cutest instructable i have ever seen.