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Shots are taken with my trusty old Nokia n73 and Magnifying glass trick.

Re-affirms that its the cameraman and not just the camera thats important

Save image and view EXIF more more details
No Editing except Re-sizing and Brightness.

Since many of you are curios about the magnifying glass trick, here we go! A mobile phone camera has much smaller lens than say an SLR with proper Macro Lens. Hence we need to suppliment it with additional lens for award winning macros.
The simplest and cheapest lens to have is Magnifying glass! They come is various focal lengths and sizes; Experiment with them to make wonders.

The steps-
 1> Make sure that your mobile has Autofocus camera. Most of them have. Keep the Flash and smile shutter etc turned off.

 2> Since the magnifying glass will confuse the autofocus, you will have to lock it. - Point to towards the sky for locking at infinity OR Point it to a closeby object for higher depth of field. Keep the shutter Half-pressed to lock it before moving to position. You will have to play around a lot at this step. A mobile does not have manual focus control like proper camera, so this is the way it shall be done.

3> Keeping the shutter button pressed half-way to keep focus locked, Bring on the magnifying glass!

4> More Focusing! you can change the 'Camera~Lens' or 'Lens~Subject' distance for fine tuning the macro.

5> You can move the camera around the horizontal plane surface of lens to focus on particular feature of Subject, and Leave the other blurred. Its the same effect as moving Focus Frame around in an SLR.

6> Shoot it! Depress the shutter button fully to take the shot. Keep your hands steady.

7>Got a masterpiece? Post it here for sould like us to see! Have a nice day!

Some background for ones who are interested-
5 years back, when I topped the collage, My dad offered me 2 options-
 Mobile phone or an SLR camera.
The Prices were same, Near 27,000. INR (600 USD)
I chose the Phone as It had an useable camera too! And I'm glad I did. We don't carry our Big cams with ourselves everywhere, But mobile phone has this distinct advantage. I still don't have any SLR, I hope I win one!

One more last thing, A quiz!
Can someone point out whats the special extra step for my 1st image? (Leaf macro)

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    5 years ago

    I think you used a light which is at the back of the leaf, thats the extra step I think which you have asked at the end, isn't it?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'll be adding to this instructable or putting up a new one shortly


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, it would be cool to see a picture of you (taken by someone else) using this technique! I have not had luck with it when trying on my own.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Me? no Thanks!
    Magnifying glass trick is just for macros and really small objects (under 10cm)
    It does not work well for portraits.