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WARNING: Do not play with fire.
This is not instructions on how to make a flamethrower guitar.
But I will show you how I made the mask and a steampunk Guitar
The mask was a thrift store skull mask with goggles. I took a foam mat and cut “hair”. I got glued it to the skull and zip tied it to make it more secure. I formed the “hair” with a torch. Then I spray painted bronze with a touch of black.


Foam mat
Zip ties
Spray paint
Ball launcher
Nintendo wii guitar hero
Red union suit

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Step 1: Doof Warrior Guitar

Warning: do not play with fire.

I bolted a piece off a $2 whiffle ball launcher and a broken guitar hero guitar together.... added some gears and knobs and spray paint... lots of paint.

None of this is made to attach to fire or burning things.

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    Alex in NZ

    6 weeks ago

    Impressive looking headpiece. Thanks for sharing :-)