Mad Max Furiosa Costume

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I made this costume out of a few thrift store items.

A pair of pants I stenciled with spray paint to add texture.

The steering wheel has some laser cut pieces

The rest of the items that make it are the robotic glove and the skull belt piece.


Laser cut wood pieces
Steering wheel cover
Pants, shirt
Black face paint
Broken Batman toy
Goggles and shoulder piece

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Step 1: The Robotic Arm

I just wired some pieces off a broken Batman robot toy I got from the thrift store for 99 cents. Added a few hoses and gears... and a bit of spray paint. Then made a leather gauntlet to attach it to the arm.

Step 2: Mad Max Immortal Joe Skull Belt

I laser cut the skull, added a bit of texture with a dremel, and my son added some chains to it.... and a bit of spray paint

Step 3:

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