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I put together this costume the day before my school's Halloween party. It comes with a wearable electronic circuit which allows two LEDs to alternate on and off.

Here's what you'll need:

–An old shirt (preferably with checkers)
–A pair of pants (not jeans)
–A belt
–A pair of goggles
–Pens (to put in the shirt pocket)
–Double-sided foam tape (to stick the circuit onto the shirt)

–A miniature solderless breadboard
–A 9V battery (Three 3V coin cells connected in series would also work)
–A 555 timer IC
–A polarized 1uF capacitor
–A 0.1uF disc capacitor
–A 1-Megohm potentiometer
–A 330-ohm resistor
–Two 150-ohm resistors
–Two LEDs (one red, one green)

Just put on the pants, assemble the circuit according to the schematic diagram, stick the circuit onto the shirt with foam tape, tuck the shirt into the pants and put on a belt and some goggles and you're set!

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    this is really amaging dear but its a project base to pramoted urself